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Sharing feelings with your partner is extremely important, and writing down your thoughts and sending them to your loved one makes it more romantic.

Letters are intimate and more honest than text messages; therefore use that fact to melt your partner’s heart.

Don’t get me wrong, letters are more romantic than text messages, for sure, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to write letters every day.

We live in a busy fast-paced world where no one has time for that.

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Little shows of affection like these on a daily basis are more effective and definitely more romantic.

People often think that once they get into a relationship with someone all the playfulness, seducing and flirting has to stop. Yes, hooking up with someone is your first and primary goal, but once that goal is completed, you need to keep the fire going or else you risk losing the essential chemistry and passion.


Am I with him all day working on the car, no; but I am getting him lunch or grabbing him a water when he needs it and it is Man, is it hot being on that asphalt all day.This form of communication is, unfortunately, completely forgotten, at least when it comes to younger generations.However, you can use that to your advantage and revive this lovely tradition of sending love letters to your significant other.Anyone can save up some money and purchase a shiny piece of jewelry at the local shop, but if you really want to surprise and swoon your “partner in crime”, you should definitely consider giving them those so-called thoughtful gifts.Instead of just buying something fancy from the store, try creating something with your own hands, or at least buy a gift with a special theme.

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